CalHouse II – Fort Sacramento Now on sale, check out this explosive sci-fi

The title my readers is now available for reading at and other outlets.

The evil is back!

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Moon Racists On Youtube for free listening.

I was going to pen an ebook with additional materials on this but have decided not to, nor a sequel to this which was in the planning stages as More Moon Racists. So the original “R” rated uncensored audiobook is online including an animated 3D clip of the first ten minutes or so. Here are the chapters for your easy access convenience. Remember listeners should consider the “R” rating for this title mainly because of the violence and the profanity. It is one of only a very novels or stories I have authored that contain this amount of profane materials so those who are young or those who are offended by vile language should choose not to listen or watch.

Anyhow before you watch or listen feel free to comment on the story. Remember that this was a tough subject because it deals with such an ugly side of humanity which is hatred toward others.

Moon Racist Chapters:












Bonus Video 3D Part 1

Bonus Video 3D Part 2 – The Bar Scene

Colorado Kidnap Bonus Scene

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The SOL Chronicles for Free Reading.

For those who have waited, wait no more. The SOL Chronicles are a free read to the public and they can be downloaded here at this web address in one of several ebook formats so please enjoy and if you like that last chapter, imagine the read of Solara and Paau Ma Dayeb before this all happened.

These are short shorts of stories only several pages long and also a very fast read as well. There are 5 chapters and the first and last tie into one another. This was always planned as a free release especially to my many readers as thanks and again, if you like these, check out the original title of “SOL” by me and it should be a great read hopefully, especially for sci-fi fans.

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The SOL Chronicles Are coming.

They will be a free addendum to the original novel both from the stories past to its future. I felt this only fair as an extra thank you to you the readers of this great sci-fi novel of Solara and Paau Ma Dayeb and their adventure together across space.

SOL is the name of our sun officially so we all live in the Sol system. It isn’t a giant star, only a million miles across the disk, but it does symbolize that this is home no matters where we might travel someday amongst that stars.

As for the story itself, it’s about a future space scientist in charge of a project to stream plasma directly from the sun for energy to the Earth. This however creates serious problems when we discover the sun has life forms, quite advanced life forms. It becomes apparaent when they send an investigator of their own and a sort of love story developes. But it is much more then that as events take a turn for our heroine and her visitor. Big hairy monsters in the MidWest, phantom cats that can’t be killed, blackholes gobbling stars and a challenge that will put her very existence and that of the Earth’s to the test. A fight against time and for survival, this is an incredible ebook novel you won’t want to miss. Nothing like it elsewhere.

So check out your favorite ebook place and get Sol for the adventure of a lifetime.

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Welcome to my new blog

I set this up to interact with my readers of my many stories and poetry as well as my audiobook listeners too. So it is with hopes this takes off and does well. I personally want to thank each and every one of you who have supported my hard work. Authoring new material is never easy, but it is a passion and love since 1974. So again, I personally thank my followers for their time and support. Hopefully one day most of this body of work will escalate by the entertainment powers that be so we can all enjoy it even more.

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