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What do we know about the Other World?

In the very first Wyler Scott novel published in 1983, we learned about another world. This is where the Sasquatch came from. We learned that time doesn’t flow like normal there, it has two suns, a shielded ranch, a desert, … Continue reading

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The San Gabriel Years

News and info on this FREE historical novel. It takes place between 1858 East Texas and 1922 Southern California. The story released. Below is a cover artwork for this volume 1. The official site where you can download this for … Continue reading

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Angry Indian God rounds out Wyler Scott #6

The original title “Indio Indian” was to be number 6 in the Sheriff Wyler Scott Series. This actually is rounded out by a name change found appropriate here and by many others. The title has changed officially to “Tahquitz” pronounced … Continue reading

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Update On CalHouse III

The decision to postpone this title was based on the quality of getting it out before Halloween. I had wanted to get it out by Halloween 2013 but to do it would have been a rush job and I do … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Mountain Murders to Publish on

September 12 2013 for wide distribution. This is the 5th in the Sheriff Wyler Scott series and has a direct tie-in with its 2014 sequel “Indio Indian” within the greater Sheriff Wyler Scott series title still pending. Cover artwork for … Continue reading

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Where or what are the Chocolate Mountains?

Some have asked this question and whether I have been there. Yes I have and yes they are real. A lookup on Google provides this link for those interested in this most desolate range. Sometimes we find beauty in simplicity. … Continue reading

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CalHouse III – The Island to take aim at October 2013 release.

This will fulfill and round out the CalHouse trilogy as it is. Meanwhile if you like cybers, jetcars, demons and lots of action in the year 2198, then check out the CalHouse series.

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