What do we know about the Other World?

In the very first Wyler Scott novel published in 1983, we learned about another world. This is where the Sasquatch came from. We learned that time doesn’t flow like normal there, it has two suns, a shielded ranch, a desert, distant mountains.

In the third Wyler Scott novel “The Trail To East Mohave” -1995, the ‘other world’ is again revisited and this time its personality becomes abundantly clear, this is no Shangri-la. It has rabbits that hunt in packs and are meat eaters. It has Ostrich like creatures as mean as a bull. Bullets when fired will stop, turn and go off in a different direction. It has meteor showers with them falling in the tens of thousands like hot diamonds from the sky. In essence it is far worse this time around.

The June Lake Incident will begin answering many questions about the other world readers have been chomping at for quite a spell. Like where is it? Is it in our universe? Or is it in another dimension? Why the time space thing? Meanwhile, let’s take a quick glimpse of the other world, a sneak peek if you will at what awaits us. All on the new cover.

June Lake Background cover smlrNote the larger sun on the left and on the right, behind the clouds is the smaller sun. Just tucked away behind the right mountain peak.

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