Update On CalHouse III

Calhouse_III_Cover_smlThe decision to postpone this title was based on the quality of getting it out before Halloween. I had wanted to get it out by Halloween 2013 but to do it would have been a rush job and I do not like doing that to my readers. So the decision was made to postpone it one year until Halloween 2014 for availability as it would be all finished and ready to go by then. It also gives additional readers of my original CalHouse trilogy a chance to read into it. Yes there was once a CalHouse audio book too, but that is long out of publication. No further sequels after 3 will be added to the series. CalHouse is an acronym for California Housed Islands.

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1 Response to Update On CalHouse III

  1. sebassh says:

    Closer to Christmas time 2014 but will round out the trilogy and be a great read hopefully. No more CalHouse are planned after this. That is official.

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