Angry Indian God rounds out Wyler Scott #6

The original title “Indio Indian” was to be number 6 in the Sheriff Wyler Scott Series. This actually is rounded out by a name change found appropriate here and by many others. The title has changed officially to “Tahquitz” pronounced (taw-kwish)

Tahquitz is well known in the Palm Springs area and there is a main road named after him. This appeared in the last WS story number 5 “The Chocolate Mountain Murders” and is a real place. Also, Tahquitz Rock stands sentinel over Idyllwild California. Also known as Lily Rock, it has for years been a well known haunt for rock climbers from all over. Points toward the sky like a giant thumb. Tahquitz also has an entire canyon named after him. This story is a sort of mini-sequel to “The Chocolate Mountain Murders” and has a direct tie-in to that Wyler Scott novel #5. It should provide an excellent read with lots of action and some surprises as well. Expect to also meet new characters. The novel is on schedule for the first half of 2014, though this could always change depending on circumstances.


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1 Response to Angry Indian God rounds out Wyler Scott #6

  1. sebassh says:

    Looking at a very late March 2014 release on this title, but should be a great read. Stay safe everyone.

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