Moon Racists On Youtube for free listening.

I was going to pen an ebook with additional materials on this but have decided not to, nor a sequel to this which was in the planning stages as More Moon Racists. So the original “R” rated uncensored audiobook is online including an animated 3D clip of the first ten minutes or so. Here are the chapters for your easy access convenience. Remember listeners should consider the “R” rating for this title mainly because of the violence and the profanity. It is one of only a very novels or stories I have authored that contain this amount of profane materials so those who are young or those who are offended by vile language should choose not to listen or watch.

Anyhow before you watch or listen feel free to comment on the story. Remember that this was a tough subject because it deals with such an ugly side of humanity which is hatred toward others.

Moon Racist Chapters:












Bonus Video 3D Part 1

Bonus Video 3D Part 2 – The Bar Scene

Colorado Kidnap Bonus Scene

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